20 3D Printing Ideas For The Kitchen. Organize and store.

This was such a fun list to put together because most of the items on this list I have gotten great use out of and have changed the way that I organize my kitchen. I try to always 3D print with functionality in mind and when I have a chance to put my 3D prints on display I always exercise that opportunity! 

Pot and Pan Lid Cabinet Door Holders


If your pots and pans cabinet looks anything like mine then I know that you will immediately see value in these pot and pan lid cabinet door holders. Getting the lids off the bottom of the cabinet clears up so much space and just makes the cabinet feel more open and clean. You can buy a very similar product online for $10-20 or just 3D print them for a few cents! 

Spice Rack / Shelf


This is such a great and simple spice rack. Don’t be intimidated by the wood and the hardware, for less than $10 you can get the wood, screws, and a hand saw to cut the boards at home depot or lowes (check out the thingiverse link for list of items). Cut the boards to the width of the shelf that you will be setting this on and simply install a few screws easy peasy! 

Spice Carousel


The spinning spice carousel is a great storage option for all of your round spice bottles. I know you might be thinking this is too similar to the spice shelf but honestly why not both! Put the shelf in the back of your cabinet and the carousels in the front with all your round spice containers. Voila! You have an amazingly organized spice cabinet.

Wine Glass Holder


The wine glass holder is a 3D print that brings my wife joy. Although the look doesn’t work in our current home, our last place we loved having these hanging in our kitchen to hold our wine glasses. It is such a cool elegant look that everyone is impressed when they find out it is 3D printed. Most people say that 3D printing is just for toys and trinkets so hopefully this can help you prove them wrong!

Cutlery Organizer


The cutlery organizer might need a bit of polishing if you are wanting a store bought sleek finish. This cutlery organizer is especially useful if you are tight on drawer space and are needing to cram a lot of silverware in a small space. Personally I think that two of these would be better than one, one for forks and knifes and one for spoons and serving spoons.

Refrigerator Can Dispenser


I think anyone can see the use of the refrigerator can dispenser right away if you do not drink a lot of canned soda no worry, this dispenser is also great for sparkling water and most beer cans. It is a bit of a filament consumer because of the size but if you are wanting a nice clean look you cant go wrong with this print.

Sliding Bag Clip


If you have never seen this style of bag clip trust me you will never want to go back. This is one of the most secure bag clips and it doesn’t even require you to crumple the top of the bag into a folded mess just to secure your chips or cereal (or mashed potatoes in this case). The best part about this clip is that it honestly doesn’t use much filament to print.

Cereal bag cap


These are too cool not to throw on the list but honestly it is hard for me to justify removing the cereal from the box that it comes in. Even though it is well secured with this cap the cereal doesn’t fit in the cabinet the same when it is not in the box.

Citrus Juicer


Don’t waste your money on a juicer, just print one! A tip for printing anything that will come in contact with food is print in PETG and specifically print it in food safe PETG. PETG is dishwasher safe and is also food safe which makes it a great material to use for this juicer.

Spaghetti Measuring Tool


If you struggle portioning out spaghetti noodles like I do then this tool will be very useful for you. I tend to make about 3 portions when I really need 2 or 5-6 when I need 4. Needless to say it is very tough to portion out spaghetti. This also makes a great christmas gift/stocking stuffer.

Pasta measure (Dinosaur version)


This is basically the same as the previous pasta measuring too except it is way more fun! Either you can interpret this as a small family running from a T-Rex or you can interpret it as a hunger scale, are you as hungry as a small child or are you as hungry as a T-Rex? You decide!

Burger Press


Nom Nom Nom make perfect burger portions every time. I want to give the same tip as before, you should print this in PETG so that you can run it through the dishwasher. Go ahead and experiment with different sizes as well for breakfast sausage patties or smaller burger portions.

Cake Leveler


This is another one that lights my wife’s eyes up. She loves to bake and really could have used this tool recently. Don’t worry she will have it next time she needs it! There is nothing like a perfectly symmetrical and decorated cake! 

Oreo Cup Caddy, Dunking Apparatus


This one is high on my list for the coolness factor, it isn’t really super useful and isn’t very great to store in the cabinet but I couldn’t help but to throw this on the list because it is so neat.


Kitchen Sink Drain Strainer


I do have a garbage disposal on one side but I can’t tell you how many times I have had to stick my hand into that terrifying hand blender to retrieve a spoon or a bottle cap. No thank you! Slap this in your sink and you can save the tips of your fingers from the possible disaster. Maybe I have some undealt with fears. 

Hang from Cabinet Phone Stand


Most people would say this is really useful so that you can have your recipe pulled up while you are cooking. But honestly, I just want to have my youtube video pulled up while I am cooking, and doing dishes. Maybe the occasional recipe but mainly for dishes lol.

Fruit Fly Trap Jar Lid


I don’t know if you have ever had a fruit fly infection but let me tell you, it is awful. They get everywhere like a little organized fruit fly army on your kitchen ceiling. A few jars with some apple cider vinegar and some of these lids, give it a few days, and boom, problem solved.

Shopping list spool


I had to consult my wife about this one because I couldn’t really decide if it was amazing or ehh. My wife said it is a good idea and maybe it would be cool with magnets on the fridge. I think it is really cool!


Scrub brush holder


This is mainly to hold the soap filled brush upright so that the soap doesn’t run out of the sponge. It is pretty awesome to keep all your scrub brushes, sponges, and sink stoppers organized. 

Dishwasher Sliding Clean/Dirty Sign


This can save you and your roommates or you and your spouse from many arguments. Just slap this on the front of your dishwasher with magnets or double sided tape and you can avoid doing double work on your dishes. It is a very simple mechanism and all you need is some double sided tape and some sharpies for color.


I hope you guys enjoyed this list, I know I really enjoyed making it and getting some great Ideas for my own kitchen!

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